Thursday, June 13, 2019

Writing inventory (Areas of strength and weakness) Essay

Writing inventory (Areas of strength and weakness) - Essay Example bounteous content seems to be relatively self-explanatory as it looks at how well the finished document accomplishes its intent. Organization and presentation seems also self-explanatory as it refers to the focal point in which the information is presented. Surface areas refers to the basic elements of writing such as grammar, spelling and punctuation. To make this clearer, I will analyze a piece of my own writing regarding all-embracing content, organization and presentation and surface areas to discover those areas in which I am strong and where I can improve.In terms of broad content, I feel my paper on Anne Hutchinson is very strong. It never truly states its purpose, exactly the introduction makes it clear that the paper is about to present evidence as to why Anne Hutchinson was a woman ahead of her time as the title claims. The paper gives a brief biography of the woman and points out those areas in which sh e behaved other than from the way women of her time were expected to behave. The paper is clearly addressed to students of history and, as such, offers important information about what was expected of women in this time that a student of the modern age wouldnt necessarily know. Numerous credible sources are used to illustrate what invigoration was like for women in the Puritan colonies as well as to support the various ways in which Hutchinson struggled against these constraints. Overall, the paper seems very strong in its broad content.In terms of organization and presentation, I have to again say that I feel the paper is very strong. It starts with an introduction that could perhaps be better organized or more focused, but then goes into strong organization and presentation. Each segment is clearly labeled with a sub-heading and the essay follows a roughly chronological structure. From introducing the brief overview of Anne Hutchinsons life until she moved to America, the essay e xamines her

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