Friday, June 14, 2019

Recruiting,retaining and developing staff Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Recruiting,retaining and developing staff - Essay ExampleSome of the runes considered during recruitments atomic bit 18 planning, strategy development, searching, screening, and evaluation. Research shows that strategies are more important for any company that needs to recruit or attract employees. Such strategies address the immediate and long term needs of purpose potential employees (Kumar & Sharma 550).An organization uses various methods during the recruitment process. Such methods have effects on the selection process and the efficiency of selection in a number of ways first, methods used determines the number of applicants, more so qualified applicants that can be recruited for certain positions. Secondly, it determines the organizations process of meeting its obligations to hire nonage groups. This is make by advertising, sending information to minority colleges, and searching for qualified minority women. Thirdly, effects on the turnover rank of employees is inevitable , the facts is that tear down turnover rates is evaluated because recruiters shows the positive and negative aspects of certain telephone circuits. For example, in most cases the recruiters provides unrealistic expectations to the applicants about the company and jobs. Applicants are likely to be frustrated, dissatisfied, or leave a job at early stages. To avoid such actions, a company should provide a clear picture of a companys working, and training process (Kumar & Sharma 551).The recruitment process is done through two different sources internal sources and the external sources. The internal source of recruitment is done by promoting workers in the lower level of job to the higher level. In most cases, the employees in the lower level are trained by the organization to have enough dexterity for higher level. Research shows that, an internal source of recruitment is good for an organization because low cost of training is realized (Kumar & Sharma 551).External sources of recru itment are done to fill the vacancies at the lower level

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