Thursday, June 20, 2019

Is American education only about competing to be the best or improving Research Paper

Is American education only about competing to be the best or improving citizens upcoming - Research Paper ExampleIn this competition the exact motive of getting education has left behind and technologies have developed a fighting field among different countries. (National Research Council (U.S.). Committee on Future Technologies for Army Multimedia Communications - Technology & Engineering, 1995). This paper will describe how this race began and clam up progressing in world among different kingdoms.The evolution of modern education took place when John Eliot, a graduate from Jesus College, Cambridge arrived in Boston in 1633. He gave some ideas for improving education system by teacher training as a result of which evolution started. By the passage of time and ever-changing conditions, the influences of this theory were appe ared and the development starts from colonial period and continue up till now. Latin Grammar School transformed from secondary to modern high school. Later a nother(prenominal) normal schools also emerged as professional schools and the whole system get revolutionized. (Dickson A. Mungazi, 1999 p 121)In 1998, an international NGO group was established named as world(prenominal) Nomads Group (GNG) that design interactive global programs for students focusing global issues. In these programs four types of videoconferences were held i.e. PULSE, current, innovation and Rapid Response. In these conferences students took active part, they learn and discuss issues arising slightly the world related to teachers and students. It develops a new creativity in the minds of students. All the programs that are held by GNG are directly related to school prospectus in addition to teachers training. The topics include civics, social and global studies, geography, world history, science, economics and politics.In the last ten years this group has organized programs in more than cardinal countries. Each year about ten thousand students take part in thes e programs and are awarded by the Goldman Sachs Foundation and United States Distance Learning Association. They are also

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