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The Crucible by Arthur Miller Essay Example for Free

The Crucible by Arthur moth miller EssayThis play is based on the real events of the capital of Oregon witch hunt however is non completely accurate by reducing the amount of girls crying out and that Abigails age had been raised as she was conscionable re wholey eleven years old as with such other things. The plays base is still the same by showing that in that respect were nineteen manpower and women convicted of witch craft that were hanged and how another man over eighty years old was pressed to death with heavy stones for not scabing whilst dozens stayed in jailhouse for months without trials. This was all McCarthyism that was still around when The Crucible was written and was a witch hunt looking for evil which focused on Communists that they found everywhere. This was how Miller pictured how primitive the American 1950s were by relating it to McCarthyism in the 1690s.The basic hysteria that swept through the witch hunt was also kept that looked as it could have a bun in the oven been due to frontier war, economic conditions, personal jealousies and even teenage boredom that lead to mad accusations, trials and executions. These people were primitive in medicine and accused the vex of all illnesses or anything else that was an inconvenience. They were also puritans and older generations may have been bitter from having to move from other counties due to there rigid beliefs. All this happened between the climb up and summer of 1692 in Salem, America due to congregational strife with plain back stabbing which caused life in fear.Miller represent pot Proctors guinea pig as kind with strong opinions and principles. He also looked hard working and although he was deeply religious he chose not to go to church regularly because he position the Minister was not suitable. behind was definitely passionate in anything he believed in regardless of what others said or thought.Miller portrayed that Elizabeth Proctors character was cold, plain and w as bored of life and that her entire life was a duty. I think she was also worried of what other people thought of her and her syndicate life and even thought her husband was too good for her as she viewed herself as plain.I think Miller portrayed John and Elizabeths status in the village as well respected as they were hard working puritans and was what everyone elseviewed them as however they were regarded with suspicion from some people as they were k like a shotn to be different as Johns view of the Minister was strong.Miller showed how John and Elizabeths marriage strain was due to Elizabeths suspicion of adultery with Abigail Williams so there was a great(p) lack of trust and also the way that Elizabeth was ill and bed stricken for a period of time so was unable to look after the nursing home and children so suspicion rose even more(prenominal) as she had no idea of what her husband was doing behind her back.The background of John and Elizabeths human relationship was that they were married, had twain children and a home with a farm to look after. Elizabeth lacked confidence in her relationship and viewed herself as plain and boring which led her to believe Johns adultery even more with the thought that he would go with a more attractive women, that makes the reason for why she cleared Abigail out of her home.Miller portrays that John and Elizabeths thoughts of each other were funny and unaffectionate however I think that they both wanted to change these thoughts around into there opposites.I think that John and Elizabeth are stressful to alleviate their marriage by staying unitedly and by the way John stopped committing adultery and is ridden with guilt. I also think they would like to add more lather in their relationship to save it but both dont know what to do or how to express their faceings but are trying to be as twee as possible to each other however it doesnt always last.Miller also portrays the tension felt between the couple in act two by showing that Elizabeths physical actions and reactions are not sensational towards John in any way. This shows how Elizabeth is bitter towards John and doesnt want to go near him. John doesnt know what to do to reduce the tension so in a way keeps a certain physical distance whilst still ridden with guilt. An example of this is when John gets up from the table and kisses Elizabeth on the cheek who receives it however John then returns to the table with a certain disappointment. The reactions as shown are verystiff and suspicious as well as the way John is trying to be emotional with Elizabeth but she is just acting the opposite.Miller also portrays tension in John and Elizabeths relationship by their speech in act two when John says pray now for a fair summer. This shows how hes trying to start a conversation but Elizabeth just replies with Aye, that is a straight clipped answer with no interest or emotion added. John then tries to add emotion and interest by asking if shes well but Elizabeth just replies with I am, Its rabbit. This shows how brisk and sharply shes trying to stop the conversation so she doesnt have to film her personal feelings or emotions and clearly shows shes not interested and is not comfortable with the situation.All this shows their tension in their relationship is very deep and that John is trying to fix the tension but Elizabeth isnt interested with her clear sharp answers with no emotional attachment to a single word as well as her lack of feeling or emotion in her stiff physical movements and reactions.The meeting of John and Elizabeth in prison tells us that their relationship is getting walk-to(prenominal) and that they really love, care and respect each other. Their relationship has greatly developed since act two and have been brought c standr together. I think that there is now an almost complete elimination of tension as being in prison has caused a lot more emotions which needed to be released that brought them clo ser together and where their able to have full meaningful conversations such as when Elizabeth says Giles is dead then John replies with When were he hanged? Elizabeth then replies with He were not hanged, he would not answer aye or nay to his indictment for if he denied the charges theyd hang him surely, and auction out his property so he stayed mute, and died Christian under the law. And so his sons testament have his farm.It is the law, for he could not be condemned a wizard without he answers the indictment, aye or nay This shows how Elizabeths now talking without tension and is having a deep and vast conversation unlike act two, there is also now body language such as when John looks at Elizabeth Incredulously after she says Giles is dead. Their relationship has also improved by talking about their fri block ups which they never had done before.I think that at that point John and Elizabeth really care and feel passionate about each other and are trying to give each other supp ort by Elizabeth talking about what had happened to their friends as to give John a hint on what to do. John is also now relying on his wife for support and help by asking Elizabeth if he should confess and what Elizabeth thinks while she replies with I cannot judge you John John then asks a pure question. What will you have me do? Elizabeth then replies with As you will, I would have it. I want you living John, thats for sure. This is all a great transformation of emotions from act two.I think this scene helps us understand the deeper problems in their relationship by showing how theyve opened up in a crisis whereas in act two Elizabeth was jealous of the other woman and bitter so tried to show no emotion as if she didnt care and how John wanted to make it up with her, I think Elizabeth also thought she was plain and thought John would want to go with another woman, this indicates that these were the deeper problems in their relationship.Miller shows us that John and Elizabeths re lationship has changed greatly by their speech and body language such as when John was meant to confess and refuses to tell a lie to keep his pride and respect. This was shown at the end of act four where Johns eyes were full of part and says I can. And theres your first marvel, that I can. You have made your magic now, for now I do think I have a shred of good in John Proctor. Not enough to weave a banner with, but white enough to keep it from such dogs. Elizabeth then in a burst of terror, rushes to him and weeps against his hand. This is a great change from act two and the stage directions are changed to the highest emotion and grief possible by the way Elizabeth is going to lose the most important person in her life who has chosen to die for the faith of God and Elizabeth has no control or intention of stopping him.Miller shows that the tension between John and Elizabeth has been released by grief, passion and the highest amount of pressure with the thought of that they will ne ver see each other on the footing again but I also think that thetension is released by everything being out in the open so everything was true so there was no lies inside John with the feeling of forgiveness from Elizabeth and that John was going to be released from the madness.The relationship has developed through the play from being unemotional, stiff with tactless speech and stage directions on act two, to opening up to each other and revealing there innermost feelings for each other by the end of act four by their speech and stage directions.During the course of this essay I have learnt that John and Elizabeths relationship was at first suspicious, untrustworthy and with a lot of jealousy and bitterness from Elizabeths side to johns side being ridden with guilt. However even with all these problems Miller portrayed how they both had a hidden importance of love between them which they didnt know how to release until they were under pressure, however they made up for all they d missed at the end which Im sure theyd have regretted all the problems progressed at the start of the play and wished theyd had the relationship at the start which they had at the end and lived and died with the thought that it was all due to Abigail Williams.

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