Saturday, June 1, 2019

Animal Testing is Unethical Essay -- Ethics

There will come a day when such men as myself will viewslaughter of innocent creatures as horrible a crime as the murderof his fellow man- Our task must be to exonerate ourselves- by wideningour circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole nature and its beauty.-Albert Einstein (1879-1955).Picture this Youre locked living inside a insistence without control over any aspect of your life. You cant choose when you eat or what you eat, how you will spend your time, whether or not you will have husband or wife or children, and if you do, who that person will be. You cant regular decide when the lights go on and off. Think about spending your entire life like this, even though you didnt do anything wrong or commit a crime. This is life in a laboratory for animals. It is deprivation, isolation, and misery.Now think about the needs of the animals that argon caged up and stripped away from their natural homes. For example, chimpanzees spend hours eitherday grooming e ach other feeding their young and providing a comfortable environment for them to exist in. They are loving protective parents and when they are taken away from their homes, they leave behind their children and the chimpanzees are no longer in their comfortable nests, but caged up alone and with cold, steel bars around them for the primary purpose of being experimented on (Baird, 1991). Not a nice picture right? But this is retributive one example of what most of the animal have to go through. I argue that animals have rights and should not be treated unfairly.Around the world, millions of animals are experimented on, tortured, and killed every year. Many of these animals range from simple household pets, such as cats and ... ...ed, the contribution you had made to cease animal testing will create an immense heart of satisfaction. Animal Testing 7ReferencesBaird, Robert & Stuart Rosenbaum. (1991). Animal Experimentation The Moral Issues. Buffalo, New York Prometheus Books.Monamy, Vaughn (2000). Animal Experimentation A Guide to the Issues. Cambridge United Kingdom Cambridge University PressWise, Stephen (2000). resilient the Cage. Cambridge, Massachusetts Perseus PublishingAnimal Testing 101. Retrieved on November 1, 2006 from http// are animals treated in laboratories? Retrieved on October 31, 2006 from http// Experimentation Point Counterpoint. Retrieved on November 1, 2006 from http//

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