Monday, June 17, 2019

Marketing Across Cultures Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Marketing Across Cultures - Term Paper ExampleLegislation may also prove to be a potential problem as the laws are set up to encourage exportation of products and limit the number of imports that are coming in so as to promote the growth of their economy(Balasubramanian, Kahrr & Patwardhan 196). The lack of established statistical distribution chains is a nonher problem that one may encounter during this endeavor as these countries do not have a large number of franchise outlets that one is able to draw up distribution agreements with. The country that may pose the biggest problem with distribution is most likely to be China due to its communist stance within the government that is not inclined to accept western products more pronto as compared to India and Japan. 2. Many products fulfill both a functional need as well as a neighborly need. When deciding how much to hold an existing product for a new foreign market, which type of need should a marketer focus on? Explain your answe r. ... This is because unless a products design is to be drastically changed, it will master(prenominal)tain the same use as in other markets, thus, the best way to create an in-road into the market is by finding a way of marketing the product as essential in terms of societal use. This will attract potential consumers to the product as well as create an opportunity for the product to compete with other alternative products that may already be present within the market. Concentrating on the social need will ensure that the target audience feels like it is a product that they require in their lives whilst concentrating on the functional need opens doors for potential consumers to swing as an unnecessary expense. 3. Comparing a supermarket in Tokyo, Japan with one in Dallas, Texas, which of the devil is likely to have higher sales of snacks and sweets (Items usually gear up near the cash register at the checkout)? Explain your answer using the most relevant cultural dimension. In comparing the spending culture of the two countries, it is most likely that the sales of snacks and sweets at the counter will be higher in Dallas, Texas, than in Tokyo, Japan. This is because despite both locations having a reasonable beat of individuals who are able to afford this, the western culture is characterized with the nature of impulse buying on a higher level as compared to their oriental counterparts (Kotler & Keller 45). The main reason why these products are placed at the counter of a shop is due to the factor of impulse buying, thus, this is what will need to be considered when tackling this query. That is, the products are placed at the counter to tempt buyers who had not initially planned on purchasing

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