Wednesday, October 23, 2019

NATURE and How It Affects the Human Views

The written works of E.B. White and Loren Eiseley primary show the importance of literary implications upon the truth that connects nature with human behaviors. From their writings, It could be noted that the views of the authors upon the relation of natural wealth with the wealth of human individuals which they primary have in themselves.   To be able to explain this idea further, an examination on the stories of the said authors shall be explained in this paper. However, to continue with the observation of the written works, it is important to carry these following questions in mind during the discussion: How does the description of nature on the part of each author reflect the abilities of humans to change and retain their characteristics at the same time? How does the explanation of Natural adjustments able to picture the actual adjustments that humans deal with themselves everyday? How well did the authors discuss the ways by which nature itself becomes a metaphor to the human ways? Once More to the Lake by E.B. White The narrative description adapted by White in this particular story has much related the idea she was portraying to the trip that their family made to the pond when they went for a vacation. From the narration, it could be observed that she had a detailed description of every creature that she found to have inherited the areas that they were passing by. The life-based descriptions of the author upon the different living things that she saw along their journey showed so much connection with the human behavior towards the different situations that they are faced with everyday. The ways by which the animals tried to adapt to the changing climate as well as the changing situations that they needed to face in the environments that they exist with noted the fact the plants as well as the small animals picture the actualization if the fact that humans too are able to adjust with all the challenges that th they face in life everyday, that whatever the situations may post to them, they are trying their best to survive the pressures to the best possible way that they could. The Brown Wasps by Loren Eiseley In this particular writing, the small insects such as the mice were attested by the author as primary metaphors of the human behavior. This particular behavior relates the human creation towards the fact that they are able to make possible adjustments in their lifestyle depending on the environment that they are living in. It is undeniable that the ways by which the mice try to search for the best possibilities in the area that they are currently living in describes the exact process utilized by humans to adjust to the lives that they are supposed to face as individuals depending on the changes in their own society. Conclusion As a summary of the entire discussion presented herein, it is undeniable that both authors show the fact that the human behavior is indeed related to the fact that they are opportunists, like that of the small insects and small plants that are transferred from one place to another because of the wind or because of the demands of the climate, humans are also forced to change their lifestyle based on the environment that they are living in. This particular characteristic of humans makes it easier to survive life as they are able to portray in life right now. Reference: E.B. White Once More to the Lake (1941). (October 26, 2007). The Brown Wasps by Loren Eiseley. (1992). (October 26, 2007).         

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