Friday, October 18, 2019

Chinese Intellectual History Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Chinese Intellectual History - Essay Example The thinkers had developed their thoughts by using their individual philosophy. They suggested their own ideas about the military, political as well as economic policies to make a single ideal monarchy. They inferred that a strong centralized ruling system can only solve the prevailing problem in the country. This will end the continuous war among the six independent states. Because this long-lasting turmoil hampers the everyday life of common people, hinders the production and growth of the states and brings poverty in the economy. The war is happening only because of the desire to achieve power over the others by all of the states. But all of the thinkers, in their thoughts, mentioned that this single monarchist should be ideal ruler who should possess some moral qualities. This would be a â€Å"sage monarch†. They suggested that the ruler should behave in a different way in person and adjust in different ways to the outer world. The monarch should try to implement several p olicies that can bring peace and unity in the â€Å"All under Heaven† (Pines 2). ... The Confucians said that the ideal monarch should follow the early Western Zhou kings. They prioritize the implementation of ritual performances. The Mohists criticized the prevailing warfare. They suggested quick reduction in the government expenditure and a hierarchical political structure should be made. The ranks would be given in accordance to the wealth of a person in the society. Every bureaucrat should obey the person above his rank. They also imposed the idea of moral value with universal love. In such love, all people should treat others in the same fashion irrespective of the relationship between them. The Daoists recommended that the ideal ruler should practice psychosomatic training by meditation. The ruler would not be engaged in the active ruling of the government and would let to take place things and events in natural way. This way, everything in the universe would be arranged in their own way (Ivanhoe and Norden 1-312). The above schools of thought argued that singl e monarchy is essential for peace in Heaven. Another school of thought is the legalists who suggested that one single state must be created. This creation can be done by implementing one strong armed force and by developing policies to strengthen the military forces, legal activities and economic resources of one single state. This state, by using its strengths and resources, therefore, could achieve the power over the other states. This article will examine the idea what Yuri Pines highlighted in his book that how the thinkers analysed their conception of getting peace in a time of change in political system. The article would not discuss about all of them but about the idea of only one

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