Saturday, October 5, 2019

Client Studies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

Client Studies - Essay Example Or, it may be that sex itself, or lack of sex, is having a negative impact on ones relationships or general health. In addition, the organisation offers help with relationships where one or both partners are unhappy or are being hurt. In addition, help can be provided where a relationship has ended badly. Above all, the organisation offers help to anyone with worries about their sexuality.  Ã‚   The placement, which is situated in Wondsworth Borough in London, tends to provide services specific to the local community. The local population comprises many different ethnic groups, most notably Afro-Caribbean, Somali and Polish. Other counselling services share the Victorian terrace house, where the Albany Trust is located; this provides a dynamic and stimulating setting. The practice contains a waiting room with sitting facilities where clients wait to be met by an appointed therapist. Access to the practice is via an entry phone that is placed and accessed by the therapist in the waiting room. The consulting rooms are spacious and provide natural light, resulting in an environment that made me feel very comfortable. However, I realised that the only via starts access prevents us from seeing clients with disabilities or any other kinds of impediments. The client, Stephen, was self-referred and allocated to me after an assessment was made and a team, which included the practice manager, assessor and my supervisor, discussed my suitability for the case. Having discussed the case with my supervisor before meeting the client gave me the chance to explore my feelings and reactions towards the case. However, looking back on it now I possibly would have preferred not knowing as much about the clients case because in a way it prevented me from having a more open approach to the process with him, especially at the beginning of our therapeutic alliance. Stephen was offered open ending therapy, as he was seeking social benefits, and a low income fee of

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