Wednesday, May 29, 2019

The Use of Symbolism in Robert Frosts Wind and Window Flower Essay

The Use of Symbolism in Robert Frosts Wind and Window Flower I interpreted this poem as a very no-account one. A love unrequited by the pursued. In the first two lines the poem tells you to forget about the love you share and hear a record of this. Not to literally forget, but possibly put aside. The man is a winter breeze, cold and rough and sort of roams the land. The woman is a window flower, come together off from the outside. This sets up the separation. They can see each other and are kept apart by a glass wall. She has all the comforts of the outside, the affectionateness of the sun and even the company of a caged yellow bird (7) hanging above her. It is almost that the mention of this bird organism caged above her is a sign of this womans status in the home and possibly provided by the wealth of her parents. Although she is shut off from the outside, there is this bird almost captured for her to dissuade her from having thoughts of her actual closed lifestyle. She is being furnished with creature comforts instead of with freedom. Maybe because those above her feel she cannot ha...

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