Sunday, September 8, 2019

Selfie and Self-portrait Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Selfie and Self-portrait - Research Paper Example They can also fail to present the person facing down with no focus, which can distort the image. Self-portraits include reason and thought during the composition of the image or photo (McHugh n.p). It is significant to note that self- portrait is another way of looking at me and reflecting on my personal life while a selfie is not looking at me because in most cases people gaze empty. When a person takes a selfie, the eyes look bigger and shiny because of the closeness to the camera but self-portrait the artist produce every part of the image in accordance with the way it appears. While taking a selfie, the gestures imply that look at me I am taking a selfie or a photo of me or I am here. It tries to capture the attention of other people. On contrary, Self-portrait tries to reveal certain messages or information about the image. For instance, the artist draws the image with an intention to pass a message to the people (Jim 17). The common similarity between a selfie and a self-portrait is that people analyze and assess themselves. In addition, in selfie people retouch and change themselves or transform their images to represent the current emotional state while artists or painters do their self-portrait because there is no one around to practice human anatomy and once their work is complete, they do not have a chance to retouch and change it.  

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