Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Iphone Network and Technology Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Iphone Network and Technology - Research Paper Example become the force to reckon with. It is one of the leading brands of the cellular phones in the market, and has indeed introduced many features in the industry for the first time that have been duly copied by the other companies in the hopes of matching in the race towards the most saleable phone (Frommer, 2011). The indigenous features and offers of the Apple company, however, make sure that few competitors can match the product in terms of quality, features, cost, and ease of operation (Frommer, 2011). Such a success is quite surprising, given that Apple is a relatively new player in the field, and a few years back it was not even predicted to enter the game (Vogelstein, 2008). And now it has broken the monopoly of the established giants of the cellular industry (Vogelstein, 2008) and made its own mark, which is quite hard to match. Such success merits an in depth analysis of the iPhone and its technology. This paper analysis the iPhone technology in terms of its management informat ion system, MIS, and telecommunication design. This will be followed by recommendations for improvement of the systems. Network classification: the iPhone introduced to the world not just a new trend in mobile technology, but also a new model for the smart phones (Frommer, 2011). This means that it had the capability to access the Internet and have a global network connectivity (Frommer, 2011). This was important to provide customers with a high level of user experience and ease of operation; now they could use their phones not just for making calls but also to conduct business and use the Internet (Frommer, 2011). Since the target was the incorporation of the Internet into a cellular phone and a global access, the iPhone utilized the technology of wireless network connections (Frommer, 2011). This section studies this technology in detail and presents some of its advantages over the wired technology. The wireless network is essentially what is called the wi-fi technology (WiFi Note s, n.d.). this form of network has become the most popular in the industry, and has become synonymous with all the families of wireless technologies that are currently used (WiFi Notes, n.d.). The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, IEEE, uses a referencing notation based on numbers that are given to each family of technological systems employed by the network industry (WiFi Notes, n.d.). These groups of numbers can be subdivided into smaller categories, based on the differences in the operational techniques of the systems. The wi-fi technology used by the iPhone is numbered as 802.11 (WiFi Notes, n.d.), this being the reference number of this particular

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